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Nov. 2015

Software and operation guide is now available for the STD-601 test board (TB-STD601). Click here for more information.

Oct. 2015 miniature narrow band radio transceiver STD-601 (A) 400MHz

Introducing an example of using RF Module (Hokuyo Construction, Conlux Matsumoto)

With good communication range and high reliability, we listen to one customer's satisfaction with Circuit Design radio modules. For areas with no access to power supply, we introduce a case where the solar powered radio warning system provides safety management in dangerous places such as areas of land restoration, erosion control works and river flow control works.

Jun. 2015 miniature narrow band radio transceiver STD-601 (A) 400MHz

Announcing a compact, multiband transceiver for industrial telemetry and remote control applications

Feb. 2015 miniature narrow band radio transceiver STD-601 (B) 434MHz

Information on the new miniature narrow band radio transceiver STD-601 (B) with CE approval has been uploaded.

Nov. 2014

Many visitors came to our booth at electronica.
It was a pleasure to speak with you. Thank you.

New product catalogue distributed at electronica.

Oct. 2014 electornica2014

Circuit Design Inc. will be exhibiting radio products and solutions for industrial applications at Electronica 2014 in Munich Germany.

Dates:  From Tuesday, 11th to Friday, 14th November
Location:  New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany
Booth no.:  A4. 345

Introduction of the exhibits at "electronica 2014"

Sep. 2014 NT-4M, NR-1

Announcing a compact 2.4 GHz radio transceiver module for industrial applications.

July 2014

New supplementary note for CDT-TX/RX-02M-R 426 MHz now available here. Our CDT-TX/RX-02M-R 426 MHz model has obtained Japanese Technical Regulations Conformity Certification. The module sizes and pin layouts are identical to that of the 434 MHz model.

May 2014 Circuit Design will appear at the Wireless Technology Park 2014. This year's WTP2014 will be held together with Wireless Japan and Transport System Expo 2014 events during this period.
We look forward to meeting you.
May 2014 NT-4M, NR-1

New 2.4 ule for industrial applications.

Input module NT-4M / O

GHz radio modutput unit NR-1 set has been developed for transmitting switching signals. The product will be exhibited at the WTP exhibition in Japan.

Feb. 2014 AN_014.pdf figure

New Application note, "Channel plan for using multiple STD-502-R in the same area" is uploaded.

New Application note, "How to use relay function for MU-2-R module" is uploaded.

Oct. 2013

Circuit Design won first prize at "Monozukuri Award NAGANO in 2013".
Along with two other companies, the award was for showing technological capability with a highly innovative product, while making a positive contribution to the prefecture of Nagano.

Sep. 2013 Announcing the launch of the STD-502-R 2.4 GHz radio transceiver module for industrial applications.
Jul. 2013 Information and operation guide for STD-502-R evaluation board are updated and available on the web.
Jun. 2013 New technical article, "Understanding the Quality of Radio System Communication Obtaining the required received power C and required C/N from Eb/N0", is uploaded.
May 2013 STD-502-R operation guide is updated and available on the web.
Feb. 2013 Addition of CDP-TX-05MP-R to the CDP family of modules.
Feb. 2013

New online calculation tool, VSWR(SWR), is uploaded.

[ Online calculation tool, VSWR(SWR) ]

Nov. 2012

We are most grateful to you for coming to our booth during electronica 2012.
Please feel free to contact our sales department if you have any questions or enquiries about our products.

Nov. 2012

We, at Circuit Design will show our new products, including 2.4GHz radio transceiver module for industrial use to target the global market, together with our other conceptual models at "electronica 2012" in Munich, Germany from 13th November to 16th November.
We hope to see many of you there.

Dates:  From Tuesday, 13th November to Friday, 16th November 2012

Location:  New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany

Booth no.:  A4.367

Introduction of the exhibits at "electronica 2012"

Sep. 2012 New radio module STD-502-R 2.4GHz DSSS transceiver for industrial applications
Jul. 2012 Circuit Design exhibits new products at exhibition Wireless Technology Park in Yokohama Japan.
Hall C / Booth 2-09 July 5 - 6 _WTP2012_
Apr. 2011 New integrated radio modules for long range wireless remote control
Sep. 2010 Circuit Design, Inc. announces the release of an FCC Part 15 compliant industrial-use DSSS true diversity radio transceiver modem for the U.S. market
Aug. 2010 Circuit Design Introduces a Low Power, Industrial Use Transceiver for the Indian Market
Jul. 2010 ACAL Denmark is appointed as new Danish distributor
May. 2010 Press release : LMD-400-R has been published in Polish magazine called ELEKTRONIKA PRAKTYCZNA.  PDF:2.3MB
Feb.2010 Narrow band multi-channel transceiver LMD-400-R conforms to EN300113 and FCC Part 90 
Aug. 2009 Press release for CDP-TX/RX-05M-R has been published in Polish magazine called ELEKTRONIKA PRAKTYCZNA. PDF:1.2MB
Jun. 2009 Technical article about our products will be published in Czech magazine called Sdělovací technika.
Jun. 2009 Compact narrowband radio modules for industrial use, now with multiple channels
May 2009 The page of “Radio application examples” is renewed.
May 2009 Easy to download technical documents
Mar. 2009 New embedded radio modem is launched.
Feb. 2009 New information added to FAQ
Jan. 2009 Circuit Design is holding a sales campaign until the end of Feb. 2009! 
Sep. 2008 New addition to our lineup of industrial use radio modules for the US
Sep. 2007 New technical literature, Electric field intensity at the receiving point, is uploaded.
Sep. 2007 New on-line calculation tool, height pattern calculation, is uploaded.
Sep. 2007 New on-line calculation tool, Fresnel zone calculation, is uploaded.
Jul. 2007 863 - 865 MHz multi channel wireless audio transmitter and receiver are released.
May. 2007 New on-line calculation tool for creating a RF channel plan
Jan. 2007 128-channel Narrow band FM radio transmitter / receiver is released
Nov. 2006 New on-line calculation tools are added.
Oct. 2006 MU-1 Communication Function Online Evaluation program is uploaded.
May 2006 Implementation Guide for MU-1 can be downloaded
Dec. 2005 On-line calculation tools are uploaded.
Dec. 2005 Circuit Design GmbH will exhibit at Hall 12 Stand 12-546 in "embedded world 2006", Feb. 14 - 16, Nurnberg, Germany.
Oct. 2005 Information about RoHS compliance plan is uploaded.
Apr. 2005 MU-1 with a new relay function is released.
July. 2004 Product information and technical literature on MU-1 interface kits and application design kit are uploaded. MU1-LIK, MU1-UIK, MU1-RIK, MU1-ADK
Jun. 2004 A new embedded low power radio modem MU-1 is launched.
May. 2004 A new optional antenna, antenna cover and connection cables are launched.
ANT-400, AC-400, CBL-SMA-05/10, CBL-TMP-01/05/10
Feb. 2004 STD-302 419MHz, 447MHz and 458MHz are released.
Feb. 2004 New technical information is uploaded.
Application examples / Free propagation loss calculation / Decibel conversion calculation

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Sep. 2008 FCC Part 90 Narrow Band Multi Channel Radio Transmitter / Receiver for Industrial Use PDF:198KB
Aug. 2007 Discretely designed radio modules versus RFIC systems in rf & wireless Jul.-Aug.  PDF:540KB
Jul. 2007 863 - 865 MHz multi channel wireless audio modules for the European market  PDF:546KB
Jun. 2007 New test boards TB-CDP02-TX and TB-CDP02-RX  PDF:99KB
Jan. 2007 128 channel CDP-TX-02F-R and CDP-RX-02F-R  PDF:154KB
Nov. 2006 New distributor in Germany and Austria  PDF:25KB
Aug. 2006 New distributor in Spain and Australia  PDF:235KB
Mar. 2006 R&TTe and RoHS compliant, "Class 1" receiver (CDP-02E-R)  PDF:351KB
Apr. 2005 MU-1 with a new relay function PDF:643KB
Feb. 2005 Wireless Microphone - Audio in the ISM band by Elektor Electronics  PDF:512KB
Jan. 2005 An article about Circuit Design appeared in Economy Tribune January / February 2005.
Aug. 2004 MU-1 was introduced in Elektronikpraxis No. 16. PDF:735KB
Jun. 2004 Announcing an embedded low power radio modem for the European market PDF:320KB
Apr. 2004 Announcing a Lineup of Low Power Transceivers for Europe and Asia PDF:126KB
Feb. 2004 Long range low power radio transmitter and receiver with high reliability for industrial use PDF:207KB
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