March 2005 CDT special edition
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What is a CDT radio module?

CDT-TX-01 (Transmitter) / CDT-RX-01 (Receiver) are CE certified radio modules operating in the 434MHz ISM band. The modules are specially designed for applications sending switching signals.

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This is a special issue for the telecommand radio transmitter CDT-TX-01 and receiver CDT-RX-01. The CDT module offers unique performance and functions, some of which are introduced in this newsletter.

Unique applications using CDT modules

Here, you can see unique but very interesting applications using CDT radio modules.

Easy to build but reliable

The CDT modules include switch signal input/output processing circuits allowing switch signals to be transmitted and received without the addition of external circuits

For reliable and safe operation, each CDT unit has a unique 32-bit ID and the receiver works only with signals from transmitters with a registered ID. A total of up to 100 transmitter IDs can be registered in the receiver.

KM range radio transmission with 10mW power

With MSK modulation and a high sensitivity receiver, the modules communicate reliably even in a weak electric field.

Photo MOSFET interface and 4 operation modes in the receiver

The output port of the receiver uses photo MOSFET, enabling direct drive with loading of up to DC 48 V/100 mA. In addition, you can select from 4 operation modes (continuous, toggle, switching and one short) depending on the requirements.


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