April 28. 2005 MU-1 with a new relay function
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Embedded low power radio modem MU-1

The MU-1 is a serial data communications modem designed to offer the reliability, shock resistance, vibration resistance and high quality required for use in industrial applications. The MU-1 uses the UART serial interface to interface with the host system, while data input/output is performed with simple commands.

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Circuit Design, Inc.has updated the MU-1 low power radio modem launched last year with new relay and communication margin measurement functions.

New Relay Function

With the new relay function you can now achieve long distance communication (1 leg about 600 m) using a maximum of 10 relay stations, with 10 mW. This enables a broader range of industrial applications such as data acquisition over wide areas and control of equipment placed in remote locations. The new relay function is achieved by issuing dedicated commands from the source station. Not only can you transmit and receive system data over a relay, you can also remotely set system channels from the source station.

Communication margin measurement function

In addition, we have added a new command for measuring the communication margin. You can remotely check the field strength of target stations in remote locations with commands from the source station. Also we have provided a convenient command for measuring packet success rate. Since you can easily check the status of each station, it is possible to devise a design that achieves optimum performance and you can locate the equipment optimally for the radio wave environment to ensure more stable, reliable communication.

MU-1 Development kits

In order to support a variety of interfaces, we offer an RS232C interface kit, USB interface kit, and LAN interface kit, which enable you to begin evaluating communication with the MU-1 immediately.

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