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June 14. 2005 FM narrow band transmitter / receiver
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CDP-TX-04S & RX-03

The CDP-TX-04S is single-channel, low-power radio transmitter. The size of the transmitter is only 1.6 cc (22 x 12 x 6 mm). 10 mW RF power is driven by 2.2V with 22 mA typ.

The CDP-RX-03 is a double superhetrodyne receiver. It has -120 dBm sensitivity (433 MHz) and a very sharp filtering function using a SAW filter that ensures long range and reliable communication.

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Circuit Design's CDP-TX-04S and CDP-RX-03BS/AS are a small FM narrow band transmitter and receiver respectively. They are compact but provide reliable long range radio communication. This issue explains why.

Using a high sensitivity receiver for long range communication instead of a high power transmitter

The sensitivity of typical wide band receivers is approx. -100 dBm while a narrow band receiver has better than -117 dBm sensitivity. A sensitivity difference of 17 dB is equivalent to approximately 50- hold in transmission power. The communication range of a 10 mW (10 dBm) transmitter with a receiver that has -117 dBm sensitivity is equivalent to the range of a 500 mW (27 dBm) transmitter with a -100 dBm sensitivity receiver.

Free schematic diagram and PCB design reference

Circuit Design has published the schematic diagram and PCB artwork of the CDP-TX-04S/RX-03 test boards designed for switching data transmission. You can find all the information on our website.

Model name: TB-CDP-TX-04S & TB-CDP-RX-03AS

The CDP-TX-04S emission class is F1D. What does F1D mean?

The ITU (International Telecommunication Union) designates the class of emission according to the signal characteristics. The class of emission consists of 3 symbols. The 1st symbol is for the type of modulation of the main carrier, the 2nd symbol is for the nature of the signal(s) modulating the main carrier, and the 3rd symbol represents the type of information to be transmitted.

F1D means F = Frequency modulation, 1 = A single channel containing quantized or digital information without the use of a modulating sub-carrier, and D = Data transmission, telemetry, telecommand

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