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July 28. 2005 Wireless audio modules
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Wireless audio modules

The WA-TX-01 and WA-RX-01A are unique RF modules that have all the necessary circuits for high quality audio communication contained in compact cases.

  • 2mW power @ 3V
  • 863 - 865 MHz band
  • 50 Hz to 15 kHz
  • R&TTE compliance

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This is a special issue for the wireless audio transmitter WA-TX-01 and receiver WA-RX-01A. The WA modules are compact while offering high quality audio transmission using a compander noise reduction system. This newsletter explains the unique technical advantages of WA modules, and good application examples.

Application examples

Here, you can view good application examples using the wireless audio modules WA-TX-01 and WA-RX- 01A.

Easy-to-build but offering high quality audio transmission

Elektor Electronics, a well- known electronics magazine, tested a wireless microphone with the WA-TX-01 and WA-RX-01A.

The compander noise reduction system

The wireless audio modules use the compander noise reduction system to reduce the occupied bandwidth and realize wide dynamic range (100 dB) and clear sound.

The signal is compressed to half at a ratio of 2:1 by the compressor and then, in an exactly opposite way, expanded to double at a 1:2 ratio by an expander.

Operating frequency plan

The WA-TX-01 and WA-RX-01A modules are fixed single channel models, but there are four separate channels available within the 863 - 865 MHz European harmonized band. These 4 frequencies are selected so that there is no interference with each other when the units are operated in the same location.

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