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Jan. 2. 2006 SRD applications
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Many remote control systems use radio modules. Typical industrial remote-control applications using radio include control of heavy machinery, hoists and cranes. In the forestry industry, remote controlled trucks and cable cranes are very useful for transporting logs.

At construction sites, many remote control units are used within a small area. If all units, or even two units, use the same frequency, the radio waves interfere with each other. For this application, FDMA (Frequency Division Multiple Access) is recommended

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There are a lots of applications for radio, and we have seen many new projects and applications in recent years. In this issue, we would like to show you some typical examples of SRD applications.


Radio is an important element of monitoring and warning systems for natural disaster. The systems use GPRS/GSM and SRD to cover wide areas. While GPRS/GSM conveys the signal to a central station located many hundreds kilometer away, SRD covers an area of several hundreds meters and sends data to a GPRS/GSM station without incurring any communication costs.

Sensor networks in factories

When installing new sensors in a factory, building a conventional wired system involves a lot of expense and time. In addition, these systems do not allow frequent changes to the layout of facilities, so that more sensors must be added.

In this situation, a wireless sensor network is called for.

Telecommand applications

There are many applications which send only a switching signal for starting and stopping movement. It is a simple matter however for the radio transmitter to send the signal with an ID to avoid malfunctions due to unrelated radio signals.

Free radio propagation loss calculation tool

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