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Feb. 19. 2008 Circuit Design in Embedded World 2008
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Embedded World 2008

The embedded world 2008 Exhibition&Conference takes place in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 26-28 February.

In 2008, the world's leading exhibition in the embedded systems segment confirms its outstanding role as the top international event for the embedded community for the sixth time in succession: Some 650 exhibitors (2007: 590) from 28 countries show the complete range of products for embedded technologies on a display area of over 30,000 m2: hardware, software, tools, services and lots more. The latest technologies, current trends, innovations and system solutions are presented at the biggest ever embedded world Exhibition&Conference.

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Circuit Design, the leading supplier of low power narrowband radio products, will attend Embedded World 2008 in Germany and exhibit interesting products. In this newsletter, you can glance at those products in advance.

Embedded radio modem MU-2-R 434 MHz

The MU-2-R is an embedded radio modem operated in the 434 MHz ISM band. Dedicated commands, specially designed for wireless application, are provided for building a range of wireless systems, from simple control systems to wide network systems.

Reed-Solomon code is used for forward error correction (FEC) to maintain data integrity and provide highly reliable wireless communication.

10 mW MU-2 achieved 6.5 km communication

Our engineer conducted range test with MU-2 426 MHz (Japanese model). Circuit Design tells that 600 m is typical range of the MU-2. However, the test result was 6,500 m. Why?

128 ch multi channel transmitter and receiver

CDP-TX-02F-R / CDP-RX-02F-R radio modules, which use narrowband FSK, were designed for industrial applications where high performance and reliability are required. 128 frequency channels cover nearly entire field of the European 434 MHz ISM band.

Development kit & status translation system TB-CDP02

The development kit was developed to demonstrate and use the CDP-TX-02FP-R and CDP-RX-02FP-R. Besides this it is possible to develop original software for these boards. In combination with the radio modules, it is a full 8- channel digital status translator that can be used for various practical applications.

You can get complete technical materials such as BOM, Circuit diagram, PCB pattern drawing, program guide and complete C source code for Atmel CPU.

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