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Jan 28 2009 Narrow band radio modules for the US market
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Narrowband transmitter and receiver for the US

The CDP-TX-02E-R and CDP-RX-02E-R 457MHz are designed for the US market. The CDP-TX-02E-R transmitter has received FCC part 90 authorization and the CDP-RX-02E-R receiver has received FCC part 15 equipment authorization.

This US model and the European model (434 MHz) are pin compatible, enabling the user to develop products for both markets with a common interface.

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All of us at Circuit Design would like to wish you a happy new year. We hope you had a good start in 2009.

Circuit Design, the leading supplier of low power narrowband radio products, has introduced and begun delivery of FCC approved narrow band multi channel transmitter and receiver modules for the US market.

CDP-TX-02E-R / CDP-RX-02E-R radio modules

The CDP-TX-02E-R and CDP-RX-02E-R include nearly all the parts necessary for radio transmission in a small and robust shielding case, making it possible for the user to reduce the development time of radio equipment significantly.

The modules are very resistant to noise and achieve a line-of-sight communication distance of more than 600 m with 10 mW power.

Application examples

Here, you can see a unique and very interesting application using the CDP-TX/RX-02E-R radio modules.

Development kit & status translation system TB-CDP02

The TB-CDP02 kit is designed to demonstrate the CDP-TX/RX-02FP-R 434 MHz 128 ch transmitter and receiver. In addition, this it is possible to develop original software for these boards. In combination with the radio modules, it is a full 8- channel digital status translator that can be used for various practical applications.

The kit includes complete technical materials such as BOM, circuit diagram, PCB pattern drawing, program guide and complete C source code for the Atmel CPU.

Recruiting distributors

Circuit Design is looking for distributors in Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Greece.

If you are interested in joining our distributors, please contact us

phone: +81263821024

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