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March 16 2009 Embedded radio modem
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434 MHz Embedded radio modem - MU-2-R

The MU-2-R is an embedded low-power radio modem for transmission of serial data. Since it is possible to control the radio component using dedicated simple commands, the user can concentrate on developing the transmitting and receiving programs for their system.

Transmitting and receiving data and issuing commands are performed using a UART interface with a single chip CPU and the modem can also be controlled via the COM port (RS232C format) of the computer, making it possible for you to develop systems quickly.

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Circuit Design adds a new product, the MU-2-R 434 MHz., to our embedded radio modem lineup. In this issue, we are forcusing on our embedded radio modems, MU-1-R and MU-2-R.

Compact radio modem provided with Foward Error Correction function.

The MU-2-R has a strong error correction function using Reed-Solomon code. This enables highly reliable communication even in environments where random errors and burst errors typically occur.

Error correction function and standard function (without error correction function) are selectable. *** Please note that the MU-1-R does not have an error correction function. ***

Application examples using the MU-2-R

Serial data transmission - Energy monitoring, data monitoring devices, handy terminals, barcode readers, housing equipment control

Telecontrol - Various warning systems, remote control for construction machinery, display devices, motor control, lifters, remote control of factory equipment

Telemetry - Security systems, water level monitors for rivers and dams, temperature and humidity gauges, rain gauges, pressure gauges, voltmeters, ampere meters

Relay function

You can increase the communication area up to 6,600 m by using a maximum of ten MU-1-R or MU-2-R relay stations.

The purpose of the relay function is not only to extend the communication range. It can also ensure stable communication when the system is located in a place where the status of radio waves is poor, such as an automated factory line, indoors, or in urban areas, even where distances are short.

Recruiting distributors

Circuit Design is looking for distributors in Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Greece.

If you are interested in joining our distributors, please contact us

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