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April 22, 2009 Applications
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For the entertainment industry!

One company that has been working on a radio- controlled pyrotechnics device for firework displays is using our narrow-band radio products because of their high-quality. Safety is their first concern. We're happy to know that our products are the solution to their concerns, and we're glad to provide support for entertainment .

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We are always interested in how our products are used.

Let's see some examples.

The STD-302N-R as controller professional cameras

One company has been providing cameras equipped with radio control systems for the TV and film industry. These systems are required in environments radio waves are heavily used by other electronic devices such as walkie-talkies, mobile phones and so on. They selected our UHF narrow band transceiver, STD- 302N-R, to cut through this radio noise.

The MU-1 & MU-2 are performing well in Japan

The MU-1 and MU-2 embedded radio modems are also in demand in the Japanese market.

New narrow-band transmitter and receiver

Circuit Design will release the new narrow band transmitter CDP-TX-05M-R and receiver CDP-RX-05M- R. The RF channel is fixed but you can select from four preprogrammed channels. These are designed as the successor models of the CDP-TX-04S-R and CDP-RX-03AS/BS-R.

Mass production samples will be available in June. For samples, please contact us or one of our distributors.

Recruiting distributors

Circuit Design is looking for distributors in Rumania, Portugal, Hungary, and Greece.

If you are interested in joining our distributors, please contact us

phone: +81263821024

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