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Nov. 3, 2009 CDP-TX/RX-05M-R
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Compact multi channel TX/RX

We have launched the CDP-TX/RX-05M-R, successor to modules CDP-TX-04S-R and CDP-RX-03AS/BS-R. Retaining the remarkable size and sensitivity of the previous models, they now offer multi channels. The channel is fixed but selectable within 4 preprogrammed channels. This model is not only for the European market; we are planning to launch them in a 915 MHz version for the US market.

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New distributors

We have launched our multi channel transmitter / receiver, the CDP-TX-05M-R and CDP-RX-05M-R. In this issue, we focus on these products.

New series "Tea Break" starts. Refresh yourself with this short column :)

External view of the CDP-TX/RX-05M-R

The transmitter is extremely small - less than the size of your thumb. Check out their size and potential from out data sheet.

Application examples using the CDP-TX/RX-05M-R

We present popular applications with illustration. The new multi channels will enable a much wider range of applications than the previous model.


Paging / Security alarm

Tea Break

In Japan, it's the custom to view the full moon in the autumn. It feels special to look up at the moon while drinking sake amidst seasonal displays of silver grass and rice confectionary. Do you have any similar customs in your country? At the Climate Change Summit held recently at the United Nations, Hi-Vision images taken by Japan's lunar exploration satellite Kaguya showing "Earth-set" were presented. The earth that we live on is truly a beautiful planet. I hope that the heads of the countries that saw these images will take serious steps towards preventing global warming.

Recruiting distributors

Circuit Design is looking for distributors in Rumania, Portugal, Hungary, and Greece.

If you are interested in joining our distributors, please contact us.

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