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Apr. 15, 2010 LMD-400-R
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Land Mobile Data Transceiver LMD-400-R

The LMD-400-R is designed for use under the European Land Mobile Service specification EN300113 and Private Land Mobile Services FCC Part 90 in the US market.
Compared to the Voice/Data PLMR products (end products) common in the European and North American Land mobile Service radio market, the LMD-400-R is a simple, very compact, low-power and comparatively low-priced OEM transceiver module for integration in user systems.

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Circuit Design has just released the Land Mobile Data Transceiver LMD-400-R which conforms to EN300113 and FCC Part 90.

Application examples

The LMD-400-R complies with FCC Part 90. The applications under FCC Part 90 include,

Wireless Data & SCADA
Industrial Plants & Warehousing Facilities
Electric, Gas, Energy & Water Utilities
Transportation, Railroad, Bus & Delivery Services
Airport Tarmacs, Facilities & Security Operations
Coliseums, Arenas & Sports Stadiums
Marine Terminals, Shipping & Logistic Operations
Public Safety & Disaster Response

High power / frequency options

The LMD-400-R can be altered to meet your requirements.
The LMD-400-R is intended for use in battery-powered portable applications. To reduce current consumption and limit mechanical size as far as possible, the RF output power of LMD-400-R is set at 10 mW. However, adding external power amplifier to the LMD-400-R increases the operating range.
Moreover, a custom variant in the 400 MHz band, with 4 MHz switching range is available for volume orders.

Tea Break

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Recruiting distributors

Circuit Design is looking for distributors in Brazil, South Africa, Rumania, Portugal, Hungary, and Greece.

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