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Jul. 22, 2011 CDT-TX/RX-02M-R
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Multi channel telecommand transmitter and receiver

Multi channel telecommand CDT-TX-02M-R and CDT-RX-02M-R are suitable for long range ON/OFF remote control applications.

The modules incorporate highly reliable radio components and input and output processing circuitry, enabling simple communication with up to six contacts.

MSK modulation and high receiver sensitivity (-120 dBm 12 dB SINAD) ensures good noise immunity and stable communication, while the battery operable 10 mW transmitter has a line-of-sight range over 1 km.

You can select from four preprogrammed frequencies using the onboard DIP switches, allowing simultaneous use in the same area. The frequencies take third-order intermodulation into account and are programmed to have little impact on each other.

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Circuit Design has just released the telecommand transceiver and receiver, CDT-TX-02M-R and CDT-RX-02M-R.


The engineer who designed CDT-TX-02M-R and CDT-RX-02M-R recommends them for the following points;

  • Simple connection with external circuits.
  • You can select channels from 4 preprogrammed frequencies.
  • The receiver can register 100 transmitter IDs.
  • 4 operation modes save power and use radio waves more efficiently.
  • Over 1 km communication range.

Free test boards

We provide test boards for CDT-TX/RX-02M-R modules. With these test boards, you can test and evaluate the performance of these modules very easily.

We are currently offering these test boards free of charge with your first purchase of CDT-TX-02M-R and CDT-RX-02M-R.

Tea break

A good deal of time has passed since my last column. During that time, there have been a number of major events in Japan.

Last time, I wrote about Japan's Hayabusa project, but that was just before Hayabusa returned to Earth in June. Hayabusa returned, landing in the Australian desert as scheduled on June 13 last year. Have you seen the images of Hayabusa entering the atmosphere? It was a thrilling moment.

Recruiting distributors

Circuit Design is looking for distributors in Brazil, South Africa, Rumania, Portugal, Hungary, and Greece.

If you are interested in joining our distributors, please contact us.

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