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Wireless module product information, such as a wireless modem - CIRCUIT DESIGN,INC.

Product overview

Evaluation tools of WA-TX-03-R , WA-RX-03-R

WA-TBT-03 , WA-TBR-03

Photo:WA-TBT-03 , WA-TBR-03

This test board is developed to allow you to evaluate the performance of WA-TX-03-R and WA-RX-03-R without any additional components.
The board consists of a DC/DC converter (WA-DC-01), LEDs, a battery case, switches and volume control.
WA-TBT-03 and WA-TBR-03 do not include modules WA-TX-03-R and WA-RX-03-R. Please make sure to order them if needed.

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Photo:WA-TBT-03 , WA-TBR-03 Feature
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