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Product overview

Embedded low power radio modem



The Embedded industrial radio modem MU-1-R is a radio modem for transmission of serial data. Using a simple system of commands, the user can concentrate on designing the transmitting and receiving protocols for the data using the commands, without needing to be aware of the radio component control.
By using a UART interface for transmitting and receiving data and for issuing commands, it is possible for the user to develop systems quickly.

The MU-1-R meets the requirements of the European R&TTE Directive and carries the CE mark.

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Narrowband FM for long range communication
UART interface
Various interface board options (RS232, USB, LAN)
Flexible link IDs for building 1:1, 1:N, and N:N systems
10mW RF out put at 3.0 to 5.0 V operation
Pre-programmed 64 RF channel in 434MHz, 25kHz step
IF data speed 57.6 kbps max. / Radio data speed 9600 bps
Wide operating temperature range -20 to 60 °C
Robust metal housing for industrial use
The European R&TTE Directive compliant
Relay function (maximum 10 stations)
Dedicated program for evaluation of the MU-1-R

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Serial data transmission radio modem
Industrial Telecontrol
Remote control for machines and motors
Industrial Telemetry / Monitoring
Monitors for water level, environmental data and gauges

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Internal block

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Internal block

The internal CPU of the MU-1-R handles radio links, communication protocols and base band processing. The MU-1-R uses UART as an interface and is controlled by a simple system of commands. These MU-1-R functions reduce the burden involved in development of user application software, and shorten the development period compared with conventional radio modules.

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