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MU1-ADK Photo


Application Design Kit


*MU1-ADK does not include a radio modem MU-1-R.

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MU1-ADK photo

This kit is a programmable hardware and software development kit for users who are planning to develop applications using the MU-1-R.
The training board is equipped with basic peripheral components and a PIC microcomputer for which the user can write programs, allowing the user to carry out a variety of tests before developing an actual system. In this way, it is possible to proceed straight to actual design development of the application without any unnecessary steps.
The PIC microcomputer that comes with the kit performs communication between training boards and between the training board and a PC, and it is provided with a simple sample program. The source file for the sample program, a circuit diagram for the training board and so on are also provided, which are helpful for creating a user program. 

System requirements 


OS: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, or Windows 98
2 Web browser: Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher
3 Hard disk capacity: 30 MB or more
4 Memory: 60 MB or more


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