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Product overview

Embedded radio modem



The MU-2-R is an embedded radio modem operated in the 434 MHz ISM band. Dedicated commands, specially designed for wireless application, are provided for building a range of wireless system, from simple control systems to wide network systems. Using the commands, the user can concentrate on designing the application without needing to be aware of the radio protocol and control aspects. Reed-Solomon code is used for forward error correction (FEC) to maintain data integrity and provide highly reliable wireless communication. The MU-2-R meets the requirements of the European RED Directive and carries the CE mark.

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UART interface with simple command protocol
Narrow band FM for reliable long range communication
434 MHz ISM band Pre-programmed 127 channels
1 mW / 10 mW power selectable
Error correction with Reed-Solomon code
Repeater and auto answer back function
Low power operation 42 mA at 3 V
Robust metal housing for industrial use
RED compliant (EN300 220)
RoHS compliance

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Telemetry - Environment monitoring, Meter reading, Various measuring applications
Telecontrol - Remote control for industrial equipment
Security - Various alarm and monitoring systems

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