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Product overview

MU-2-R RS232C Interface Kit



The MU-2-R RS232C interface kit MU2-RIK is a development kit for planning radio system with an RS232C interface connection function that uses the embedded low power radio modem MU-2-R. Purchasing the kit enables you to begin evaluating communication with the MU-2-R immediately. The on-board MU-2-R can be controlled using simple dedicated commands, so that the developer can concentrate on designing the protocols for transmitting and receiving data, without needing to be aware of control of the radio component. Since the control program created by the user accesses the host COM port, users can apply their fund of knowledge of RS232C technology.

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OS: Windows vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000
Web browser: Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher
Hard disk capacity: 30 MB or more
Memory: 64 MB or more

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USB Interface Kit


MU2-UIK is interface kit containing MU-2-R, USB interface board, cable and evaluation programs

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