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Product overview

Low power long range radio modem


High sensitivity, range of a few km or more*


Evaluation samples - available now

The SLR-434M smart modem is a compact, easy to use embedded radio modem operating in the 434 MHz ISM band. It allows conventional FSK mode communication and also communication using LoRa® mode providing long range at lower bit rate.
With high receiving sensitivity, it is possible to transmit up to a few km or more with line of sight using low RF output power.

By connecting to an external CPU or PC with UART interface, the user can send data or design simple control systems using Circuit Design's dedicated command protocol for industrial application. It is also possible to process up to 8 switching signals.

Applications include data transmission, telemetry and telecontrol.

* Under certain conditions when LoRa modulation is used in conjunction with low data rate, higher sensitivity is achieved and longer range becomes possible. When used in conventional FSK mode, up to 600 m (LOS) range should be expected.

The SLR-434M contains a Semtech's LoRa® wireless RFIC.
LoRa® is a trademark of Semtech corporation.

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EN300 220
Extremely long range operation achieved by LoRa mode.
Switchable between FSK mode and LoRa mode
UART interface (COM port, RS232)
Simple command protocol for development of user program.
Transmission of up to 8 switching signals using IO terminals.
Compact size
Low voltage and current consumption
Higher resistance to urban noise,enabling long range operation compared to conventional FSK

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Data transmission in buildings, air conditioning control
Debris flow monitoring at mudslide control dams
River water level / dam monitoring
Greenhouse temperature / humidity monitoring and control
Sensor data transmission from underground or manhole
Monitoring of tunnels and bridge condition
Landslide warning

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