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Wireless module product information, such as a wireless modem - CIRCUIT DESIGN,INC.



Item Specification Remarks
Standard EN300 220  
Emission type F1D  
RF output power < 10 mW Nominal, Contact (50 Ω), SMA
Communication method Simplex or half duplex  
RF bit rate 15 to 245 bps (LoRa mode)
4800 bps (FSK mode)
Actual speed with LoRa mode depends on spreading factor
Frequency range 433.0750 to 434.7750 MHz  
Number of channels 137 Channel step 12.5 kHz
Receiver sensitivity < -133 dBm  (LoRa mode 128chip)
< -115 dBm (FSK mode)
Operating voltage 3.3 to 5.5 V 3.5 to 5.0 V recommended
Consumption current Transmitting: 29 mA
Receiving: 17 mA
Typical / @ 5 V
External dimensions
40 × 29 × 6.2 mm Not including the antenna connector
Modulation 2-FSK or LoRa Selectable using command
No. of sw inputs 8  

LoRa® is a trademark of Semtech corporation.

UART interface specifications

Item Specification
Communication method Serial communication (RS232C format)
Synchronization Asynchronous / UART
Data speed 19,200 bps
Flow control Hardware: RTS/CTS pin
Software: Xon/Xoff not used
Other parameters Data length 8 bits, no parity, 1 (or 2) stop bits
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