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Product overview

Test Board for SLR-434M



The TB-SLR-RS2 is an RS232 interface board for the SLR-434M module. It can connect to the COM port of PC or PLC through the D-Sub-9 pin connector. The board is equipped with transmit, receive LED, power supply terminal, main switch and interface to sub boards.

The module can be used with coax extension cable to allow optimum placement of the antenna according to the environment. Click here for more details.

This testboard does not include the modem SLR-434M. Please order if necessary.

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Connection to PC COM port for data communication and module control
Using RS232 cable, extension to tens of meters possible.
Evaluation program available
Interface to sub-boards for switching operation.
Connection with a single-chip CPU (direct connection) expand Photo:TB-SLR-RS2

Switching operation Back to top of the page

Using the interface on the TB-SLR-RS2, sub boards can be attached to allow switching and loop back tests to be performed.




Note: sub boards SB-SLR-DIO-A and SB-SLR-DIO-B are required to perform the switching and loop back function and are not included. Please ensure you order them if necessary.

Switching - normal operation Switching - loop back function

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