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Connection examples


Photo:Example of ANT-2G4W1R-R with TB-STD502 and STD-502 module.

Example of ANT-2G4W1R-R with TB-STD502-R and STD-502 module.
When using a plastic case connect the antenna base of the ANT-2G4W1R-R with a metal ground plane for antenna impedance matching. A wider ground plane is more effective for receiver sensitivity and stability.
In order to avoid influence from noise, the coax cable must be placed far away from the CPU and PCBs.

The above picture shows the antenna connected to the radio module through CBL-RPSMA-02-R. When using a dedicated coaxial cable for the connection, make the cable short to avoid loss from the cable and influence from external components.

The STD-502-R uses 2 antennas for diversity reception. In order to fully use the diversity feature, it is recommended to keep the antennas at least 1/4 lambda (apx 3cm) apart.

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