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Product overview

2.4 GHz telecommand module


Photo:NK-2.4Y/2.4 GHz telecommand module

The NK-2.4Y is a 2.4 GHz embedded telecommand module that can transmit 8 on/off switching signals incorporating CRC-16 error detection for error free communication. A Hamming distance of 6 helps to minimize any malfunctions.

By setting one module as input mode and another as output mode, it's possible to drive a maximum of 8 outputs from 8 inputs. For example you can connect switches / buttons to the input module and control relays or motors at the output module.

The NK-2.4Y switches between transmit and receive rapidly allowing two way communication between input and output module to constantly monitor the communication link status. By displaying this link status as an output signal from the module, this will help the user stay within the signal coverage area. Frequency hopping minimizes interference from other nearby radio systems on the 2.4 GHz band. There is no need to manage any channels and multiple system operation in the same area is possible.

Low voltage and current consumption allows the module to operate on 2 x 1.5v or 1 x lithium coin battery.

Communication is 1:1 only (1:N or N:1 not possible).

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Module can be set to either input or output mode.
CRC-16 Error Detection
Achieves a Hamming distance of 6 to minimize malfunction
Transmission of max 8 switching signals by connecting simple external circuitry
Communication LOS: 100m
Low current consumption (battery operation on 2 x 1.5v or 1 x lithium battery (CR2032))
Rapid two way communication for confirmation of communication link status.
1:1 communication only
Frequency hopping allows multiple systems in one area without concern about channel management
FCC Part 15, IC RSS-247, ARIB STD-T66, EN300 440

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Remote Tail lifts on trucks
Remote control of care lifts on welfare vehicles
Shutter open and close

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