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Wireless module product information, such as a wireless modem - CIRCUIT DESIGN,INC.

Product overview

Test Board for NK-2.4Y


Photo:TB-NK2.4Y_IN, TB-NK2.4Y_OUT

The TB-NK2.4Y allows you to evaluate the NK-2.4Y and perform simple switching tests. Communication range can be tested easily by checking the LEDs on the output board.

Link status of modules can be confirmed by the LINK LED on both the input and output boards.

Note: Modules on the input and output boards are linked prior to shipment.

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8-push buttons and output LEDs
Power, Link and Low battery status indicator LEDs.
Operation with battery or external power supply
Terminals for direct connection to module.
Photo:TB-NK2.4Y_IN, TB-NK2.4Y_OUT
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