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Press release - CIRCUIT DESIGN,INC.

August 3, 2010

Circuit Design Introduces a Low Power, Industrial Use Transceiver for the Indian Market

Circuit Design, Inc. has recently developed and released a 335 MHz version of the highly successful industrial use radio transceiver module STD-302N-R for the Indian market. With versions already on sale in the Japanese, Chinese, European and Korean markets, the version for Indian frequencies supports industrial equipment manufacturers seeking to enter the Indian market.

The pin assignment in all frequency versions is the same, so that by changing the PLL frequency program, manufacturers can switch between versions according to their market. LMD-400-R, the higher grade model of the STD-302N-R, is available in FCC Part 90 and EN 300 113 compliant versions. Furthermore, the LMD-400-R has the same interface as the STD-302N-R.
Using this common platform, manufacturers can meet the requirements of the sub-GHz radio and the radio standards in each country simply by replacing the radio component.


The STD-302N-R was developed as a narrowband RF transceiver for use in industrial radio equipment. It is resistant to mechanical vibration and impact, and its double superheterodyne receiver circuit ensures high receiver sensitivity. Operating in a narrow band and with high selectivity, the STD-302N-R provides highly reliable communication even in applications where several devices are used at the same time. The STD-302N-R is designed for high performance while the flexibility of discrete, interchangeable components ensures a stable supply of products over the long term. This concept, combined with stable performance and quality, is highly regarded by manufacturers around the world.

STD-302N-R lineup

Frequency 335 MHz 419 MHz 429 MHz 434 MHz 447 MHz 458 MHz 869 MHz
Market India China Japan E.U. Korea U.K. E.U.
Power (mW) 1 10 10 10 10 10 5
CH space (kHz) 25 25 12.5 25 12.5 25 25
Data rate (bps) 4800 9600 4800 9600 4800 9600 9600
Sensitivity (dBm) -120 -118 -120 -119 -120 -119 -116

LMD-400-R lineup

Frequency 458 to 462.5 MHz 438 to 442 MHz 458 to 462 MHz
Standard FCC Part 90 EN 300 113 EN 300 113
Market U.S. E.U. E.U.
Power (mW) 10 10 10
CH space (kHz) 12.5 12.5 12.5
Data rate (bps) 4800 4800 4800
Sensitivity (dBm) -116 -110 -110

* Sensitivity: 12 dB SINAD

* An external power amplifier and control board are available from Reimesch Kommunikationssysteme GmbH, Germany.

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