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Evaluation tools

STD-601 adaptor board for evaluation



Each board, ADP-A-STD601 and ADP-B-STD601 contains CPU and dipswitches allowing the user to set the STD-601 parameters without any need to develop separate setting program. Parameters such as frequency band, RF power and bit rate can be set using the dipswitches.

When used in combination with the boards it allows user to easily setup communication by setting parameters using the dip switches and applying user data to the data in and out pins.

The adaptor board allows CDP-02 users to test the STD-601 using their existing CDP-TX-02E-R and CDP-RX-02E-R footprint and pin layouts. By allowing this compatibility, existing CDP users can evaluate the STD-601 quickly and easily without modifications.

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Onboard dip switch to conveniently set STD-601 band, RF power, channel and bit rate
No need to make setting program
Convert STD-601 pin layout to CDP-TX-02E-R and CDP-RX-02E-R
Board size matches those of CDP-TX-02E-R and CDP-RX-02E-R
CDP module users can make communication test with STD-601 easily.
Useable with STD-601 400 MHz and 434 MHz *
* Both boards include STD-601 400 MHz module. For STD-601 434 MHz module please specify when ordering.
Cases1:Interface examples Cases1:Interface examples
For CDP-TX-02E-R and CDP-RX-02E-R users

Terminals DATA IN, DATA OUT and TX/RX SEL for full transceiver function are included. For compatibility with CDP-TX-02E-R and CDP-RX-02E-R pin layout, please remove these terminals (shown in red) with suitable tool.

External view

External view

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Cases1:Interface examples
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