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Product overview

Multi channel radio transmitter and receiver (128 channels)


Model name TX / RX Ch setting
CDP-TX-02F-R 434MHz Transmitter Dip switches
CDP-RX-02F-R 434MHz Receiver Dip switches
CDP-TX-02FP-R 434MHz Transmitter Pin connectors
CDP-RX-02FP-R 434MHz Receiver Pin connectors

For the CDP-TX/RX-02F-R, frequency setting is performed with the 7-bit switches. Instead of these 7-bit switches, the CDP-TX/RX-02FP-R has 14-pin connectors for frequency setting, making it possible to set the channels externally. There are no other technical and mechanical differences between CDP-02F-R and CDP-02FP-R.

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10 mW/1 mW RF power selectable
Wide operating range (-20 to +60 degree C)
Pre-programmed 128 ch in 434 MHz band (12.5 kHz step)
Narrow band FM 25 kHz channel spacing
PLL controlled VCO, data rate 300 to 4800 bps FSK
Receiver sensitivity -120 dBm, 500 m operating range
Receiver category 1
RED compliant (EN 300 220)
RoHS compliance

Applications Back to top of the page

Industrial remote control
Factory automation M2M
Security systems
Telemetry systems

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