2. Products
  3. Transmitter/Receiver
  4. CDP-TX-02E(P) , CDP-RX-02E(P)
  5. Technical documentations

Wireless module product information, such as a wireless modem - CIRCUIT DESIGN,INC.

Technical documentations

CDP-TX-02E(P), CDP-RX-02E(P)

Data sheet  
Version 1.0 (434 MHz) PDF
Operation guide  
Version 1.0 (CDP-TX-02E 434 MHz) in progress
Version 1.0 (CDP-RX-02E 434 MHz) PDF
Application notes  
Design guide for RF transmitter and receiver
Notes for radio module control using a CPU
Declaration of conformity  
CDP-TX-02E(P) , CDP-RX-02E(P) 434 MHz

ECB-03 / DCB-03

Operation guide  
Version 1.1

Serial number

Product Serial number
CDP-TX-02E-R KZ050001 ~
CDP-RX-02E-R KZ030001 ~
CDP-TX-02EP-R KQ002001 ~
CDP-RX-02EP-R KQ002001 ~
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