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  3. Transmitter/Receiver
  4. CDP-TX/RX-02E-R , CDP-TX/RX-02EP-R
  5. Interface examples

Wireless module product information, such as a wireless modem - CIRCUIT DESIGN,INC.

Interface examples

Basic connection

Cases1:Interface examples

* 32 channel selectable by 4 bit DIP SW and 1 solder jumper

Cases2:Interface examples

* 32 channel selectable by 8 pins (4 signal pins and 4 GND pins) and 1 solder jumper

Input signal should be 300 to 4800 bps (434 MHz) with 20 ms maximum pulse width
The CDP-02E-R / EP-R does not have a specific data protocol
It takes approx. 50 ms to stabilize the transmission frequency.
A preamble period is required to avoid corrupted data transmission.
The receiver is not equipped with a mute circuit.

Example of dataframe

Cases:Example of dataframe
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