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Item Specification
Receiver type Double superheterodyne, Crystal oscillated single channel
Frequencies 433.920, 434.075 *Other frequency
Frequency stability +/-2.5KHz (-10 to 60C)
Pulse width Min. 208us Max. 20ms
Data rate 100 to 4800bps FSK
Operating temp. range -10 to 60 degree C
Sensitivity -120dBm (12dB / SINAD at CCITT filter)
Selectivity +/-5KHz at- 6dB point
Adjacent ch selectivity 60 dB
Spurious radiations -60 dBm
Demodulation FM Narrow
Distortion <5% at 1kHz (AF output)
S/N ratio 50dB overall (AF output)
Data output Digital output, pulled up to Vcc (22 kohm)
Other outputs RSSI, AF
Supply Voltage 3.0 to 14V DC
Supply current 16mA (typ)
I/O terminals Ant, Gnd, Vcc, Data out, AF out, RSSI out, Power Control
Dimensions 36 X 26 X 8mm
Weight 12 g
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