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Wireless module product information, such as a wireless modem - CIRCUIT DESIGN,INC.

Product overview

Evaluation tools of CDP-TX-05M-R , CDP-RX-05M-R



The test board will save you time and effort for evaluating CDP-TX-05M-R and CDP-RX-05M-R modules.
Communication range can be tested easily by checking the LEDs on the decoder board TB-CDP-RX-03AS.
TB-CDP-TX-04S and TB-CDP-RX-03AS do not include modules CDP-TX-05M-R and CDP-RX-05M-R. Please make sure to order them if needed.
The boards are common for CDP-TX-04S-R / RX-03AS/BS-R models. Also the testboard cannot be used for CDP-TX-05MP-R.

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4-push buttons and output LEDs.
8-bit ID dip switch
TB-CDP-TX-04S/TB-CDP-RX-03AS_Features image
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