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Product overview

Multi channel telecommand transmitter and receiver



CDT-TX-02M-R and CDT-RX-02M-R are CE certified radio modules operating in the 434 MHz ISM band. In addition to the high performance narrow band FM (MSK) radio unit, the modules include switch signal input / output processing circuits allowing switch signals to be transmitted and received without the addition of external circuits. Six input and output terminals are available. Four selectable channels are preprogrammed.

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10 mW RF output power
TX 2.2 V to 12 V @ 27 mA, 1 uA at stand-by
RX 3.0 V to 12V operation
MSK modulation
Receiver sensitivity -120 dBm
6 switching signal transmission
RED compliant (EN 300 220)
RoHS compliance

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Remote control applications
Emergency light
Alarm systems
Start/Stop control for motor operated equipment

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Photo:CDP-TX-05M-R , CDP-RX-05M-R

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