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Press release - CIRCUIT DESIGN,INC.

May 7, 2014

2.4 GHz radio module for remote control of equipment in industrial applications

Circuit Design Inc, a design and development company of radio modules has developed an input module (NT-4M) and an output unit (NR-1) set. Designed to be embedded into user equipment, the system transmits switching signals. Planned release for users of industrial remote control applications is set for the third quarter of the year.

With a fast input-output response time of 10ms and using continuous transmission, it is ideal for controlling electric motors. Also, frequency hopping (FH) is used in the original protocol allowing multiple transmission systems to be operated in the same area together. For example at a distribution center, remote control can control several loading and unloading operations at the same time without interference, even in the presence of many cars and other vehicles.    For use worldwide, NT-4M, NR-1 has adopted the use of the 2.4 GHz band. To use in the Japanese market, the module complies with the Japanese standard ARIB STD-T66 and obtains technical regulation conformity certification. The units meet the regulations of FCC and EN, making them possible to be used in the overseas market. 


This product will be on display in the Tokyo Big Site at the Wireless Technology Park (WTP2014) event on May 28th – 30th in Japan.

Engineering sample

NT-4M/NR-1 set available at the end of June

Application examples

Remote shutter control
Winch control
Remote control of fold down beds

Main features : Module for switch input:NT-4M

*The NR-1 output unit is included with the NT-4M as a set.

Fine control of electrical motors through use of continuous transmission
4 switch inputs (inputs are all safety interlocked)
Through FH, simultaneous use of multiple systems in one area is possible.
”LINK” signal output available to confirm radio link between units.
Range, line of sight: 100 ~ 150 m
Low operating voltage, 2. 3 - 5. 0 V  ・Low current consumption, 2.5mA (average)
Wide operating temperature range - 30 C…. +65 C
Size 20 mm×36 mm×3. 6 mm,  ・Weight app. 5 g ( not inc. antenna )
Compliance with Japanese ARIB STD-T66
European EN 300 440 possible, US FCC Part 15.249(low power) please contact us

Main features : Output unit:NR-1

Fast response time of 10ms allows reliable communication for remote control applications
High isolation Photo-MOS FET driven outputs ( Max rating DC 24V / up to 220mA )
Wide operating voltage, DC 5.0 ~ 35. 0 V
Consumption current of 15mA during linking process.
Wide operating temperature -30 C…. +65 C
Size 45 mm×55 mm×13 mm、  ・Weight app. 36 g ( not inc. antenna )
Compliance with Japanese ARIB STD-T66
European EN 300 440 possible, US FCC Part 15.249(low power) please contact us

Connection example



NR-1 : When using separate power supply for module and load



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