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Height pattern calculation

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This program is an applet for calculating the Height pattern
Height pattern indicates the relationship between antenna height and electric field intensity when the communication conditions other than the height of the antennas are fixed.
Although it is generally advisable to set the antennas in a high place in order to achieve satisfactory communication conditions, in fact electric field intensity at the receiving point depends on the frequency, communication distance, and antenna height, varying significantly. The higher the frequency, the closer the communication distance, and the higher the antenna, the more the composite electric field varies due to the phase relationship of the reflected waves and direct waves.
The results for height pattern shown in this applet are calculated with reflected waves from 1 surface (the ground), and they are different from the electric field intensity attenuation that actually occurs in the field. In the actual field, since the radio waves arrive by different routes (multipath), differences in the times that direct waves and reflected waves arrive occur (phase difference), and the composite waves are distorted in amplitude and over time (fading). Therefore, points where there is marked attenuation in received field intensity and points where it increases occur. If radio equipment is located at the attenuation points, frequent errors will occur.

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Height pattern formula

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The height pattern formula is shown below. However, please note that since the reflecting surfaces are complete reflectors in this calculation, the results should be viewed with caution. In an actual environment, it is necessary to assume reflection loss in relation to reflected waves in any calculation.


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1. Click the "Figure / Graph" button to display the calculation screen.
2. Enter the required items in the yellow input fields for entering parameters. To calculate the Height pattern, after setting the parameters in the input fields, push the Enter key on your PC, or click the "Calculate" button.
3. Set the height in the pink input field, "Height : hr". The height pattern from 0 m to this height is calculated.


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